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All work by appointment only



Corporate Services

Guard Pro Co., Ltd is a developing business partnered with car coating manufactures.
We have many professional technicians at each site, ready to respond to any urgent requests anywhere in the Kanto area.
For nation wide correspondence, we will respond if there a multiple request.
Our professionally trained does more than 5000 vehicles a year on body coatings, body repairs window coatings, polishing before delivery, show car polishing, and etc. Also receiving top reviews from our business dealers. In addition we have our own facility, were we are able to do in-house or off site work.

We have been receiving orders from major imported and domestic dealers, new car delivery centers, and used import dealers providing them services for many years.
Show room to delivery we are able reduce our customers burden with body coatings interior cleaning and etc from start to finish. We are always working on new technologies with coating companies, so that customers can be satisfied and have a better car care business experience.

Regarding fees of various corporations, in the following cases, we will add or subtract the cost that we decide on each basic charge.

Affordable discount price for corporate and multiple simultaneous requests!

We will discount from the total cost of requests in bulk.
Corporate vehicles, sales cars collectively requests will be benefited.
For more details, please feel free to inquire a quote with us by phone.

Various coating agents are available to meet you requirements.
Prices are subject to change on the type of liquid agent, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

In addition, it is possible to use liquid agents provided by clients.

Examples of coating agents used at domestic dealers

ECHELON (Glass coating)
G'ZOX (Glass coating)
Guard Cosmetics (Glass coating)
CPC Premium (2 layer Glass coating)
Fluorine Coating (Teflon)

* For vehicles we worked on, posting photos and articles etc may be posted on SNS such as Facebook.
As you can acknowledge it beforehand, I would appreciate your favor.